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I can work directly from a Scrivener file, Word document, or other type of text file and deliver beautifully formatted books in both eBook and paperback, ready for upload to Amazon or a variety of other platforms.


  • $100 for a single book

What You Get

  • Beautifully formatted eBooks for a variety of platforms, including Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play
  • A similarly styled pdf for print in the paperback size of your choice (great for use with Amazon)
  • Built in table of contents
  • Optional features like a dedication, copyright, “About the Author” page, and more

What You Need

  • Scrivener file, Word document, or other rich text file containing your book’s contents
  • A cover image (to be embedded in the eBook)


For each book, there are a number of options available for customizing the style to give your book a unique look. You can either select the style options you prefer or I can select a style that fits your genre type and feel of your book. The options include the following:

  • Overall Style and Chapter Heading – This affects the title page and appearance a the beginning of a chapter, as well as the options available for the first sentence.
  • First Sentence – The appearance of the first sentence at the beginning of a chapter, as well as after a break (these can both be different).
  • Ornamental Break – A stylized image used to separate sections of a chapter.
  • Font – The font style, size, and spacing used for the print version of the book.
Formatting Sample 1
EBook and Print Example
(Style: Artisanal, First Sentence #6)

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Contact Me

If you’re interested in my publishing services or have questions, please contact me below. I’ll get back to you quickly!

Want to try formatting yourself? I use Vellum for formatting. It creates beautiful books, but is currently Mac only. If you have a Mac, you can try it out for free. Maybe you’ll enjoy formatting too!